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Our story

The road took us beyond Studniční vrch.
The untouchedness of the Rychleb Mountains opened up to us in the gently undulating curves of the hills covered with brightly colored meadows.
The simplicity of the rural architecture and the ever-present imprint of local history appealed to us.

Finding a close connection between history and modernity

From the beginning, we were accompanied by the idea of preserving and reusing old materials.
You can listen to stories and feel the atmosphere of simple country life.

We left discovered stone walls and stairs, vaulted ceilings, hand-carved wooden beams and stone linings uncovered in their specific beauty.
The rediscovered granite and marble tiles from the stone region have returned to the corridors of the house after years of serving a variety of purposes.
The spruces and fir boards from the old shed and attic and the carved beams breathed new life into the craftsmen.
Lively craft details can stand out in casement windows, doors, tiled stoves, simple stucco decorations and on the stone terrace and walls.